3 Reasons Why You Need a Custom Website

Biz Dev

When small businesses are starting out, many of them opt for going with a website builder tool, rather than using a web designer/developer to build a custom website. This might be enough for the early stages of the brand development, but eventually, as your company starts to work on their marketing efforts, a custom website is a must. Here’s why:

Helps Your Business Stand Out

Those website builder tools like SquareSpace uses themes that anyone can buy and oftentimes, they look very similar. Many companies and individuals are using the exact same theme, which can make standing out amongst them very hard. Custom websites can implement brand colors, typography and imagery in custom elements that are not cookie-cutter.

Meets Marketing Goals

When you have marketing goals to meet, your company needs a website that can easily implement elements that help those efforts and integrates with tools/software such as Google Analytics or SalesForce to support those marketing efforts.

Easier to Edit

When you have a custom website, the backend is built with you, not just anyone, in mind. There’s no fluff added or plugins/apps that you don’t need crowding up your backend experience. Using a theme through a website builder tool will undoubtedly have you frustrated knowing where to edit lines of text, colors, and typography. These are built to be as dynamic as possible for any range of possible design outcomes, so it’s very hard to nail down exactly where and how to edit very small things on the website.


When you work with me, you’re getting a partner! I’m here to help you with your website, whether you need a tiny line of text changed or you’d like to implement new functionality. When you work with me, you’re a partner for life. I will always be here to help answer questions and take the frustration out of keeping your website up to date with content so that it keeps working for you.