Do you have a space in your home that you’re unhappy with either due to lack of function or because the decor and furniture are outdated and no longer match your taste? I can help!

For over a decade, I’ve had a passion for interior styling/design and over the last few months, I’ve been helping people get more out of their homes by working together to create beautiful & functionality spaces through strategy and interior styling. I love to help people with ANY budget, even if they just need a map of how to lay out their room better, or if someone needs someone to be walked through the entire process!

what’s included

FLOOR PLAN map   |   concept board   |   curated SHOPPING LIST


how it works

  • strategy

    First, we need to figure out what's not working for you in your space and discover what your preferred design aesthetic is, so that I can take that information to come up with a plan for your space.

  • budget

    Next, we discuss what budget you have allocated for this project. This allows me to figure out the project scope and what items will be delivered to you to complete the project.

  • design

    Once the project scope is figured out, I work on putting together a floor plan map, a custom Pinterest board to help you see the vision, as well as a product list of items for you to purchase to bring the vision to life.

  • finalization

    Depending on the project scope, you will get hands-on help putting the vision together, whether that's getting a contractor in the space to complete renovations or just more consulting from me to get everything in place.

let's get started

make your space more beautiful & functional

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