the sprouted semi-custom branding kit

The Sprouted Semi-custom Branding Kit


Creating your own brand can be very hard and cumbersome if you’re not design-savvy, but it can be outside of your budget to get a completely custom brand from a designer (like me), so with this semi-custom branding kit, you can stand out from your competition with a beautiful brand.

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finally – an affordable brand that you can be really proud of!

The Sprouted Brand Kit is modern and earthy with a organix color palette that’s complemented by organic illustrations. The brand gives off a high-end vibe, but still feels down-to-earth. By leaning into a modern serif for the font, this brand kit stands out as a very refined brand while still feeling approachable.

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What's Included

Primary Logo – Secondary Logo – Submark – Color Palette – Style Guide

How it Works

  • 01.

    Select Your Brand Kit

    add your preferred brand kit to the cart & answer a few questions at checkout about your business that will help us customize it for you.

  • 02.

    Brand Customization

    once your order is received, I will work on updating all of the files to match your company name for your final approval.

  • 03.

    Brand Kit Delivery

    after approval, you will receive all of your files in all of the different colors and file formats necessary as well as your brand guide.

Brand Kit FAQs
  • How does the process work?

    As outlined above, first you need to add your preferred brand kit to the cart. During checkout, you can personalize your brand in the order notes box on the checkout page. Be sure to include things like the business name, preferred colors (if different), etc. Then, once I receive that information, I will begin working on the customization. In most cases, you will receive your brand kit within 2 business days. If there is an issue with that timeline (etc, I’m on vacation or it’s a holiday), I will email you and let you know. Once you receive all of your files, you’ll be able to use them immediately – update your website, add your logo to social media, etc!

  • How long does the process take?

    Depending on approvals, the process should only take a week – tops.

  • What's included in the brand kit?

    As outline above, included in the brand kit are:

    • Primary Logo (in all colors and formats)
    • Secondary Logo (in all colors and formats)
    • Submark (in all colors and formats)
    • Style Guide (includes applications of all logos, color palette and typography, as well as some brand styling)
  • How many times are the brand kits sold?

    To ensure there aren’t a ton of people utilizing the brand kits and to keep your brand unique, there will only be 5 sold total.

  • What are the recommended industries for this brand kit?

    I believe this brand kit could work for most industries, but most obvious would be something like a garden center, plant shop, wellness coach, etc.

  • Does the brand kit include the fonts used?

    No, the brand kit does not include the license to the fonts because you cannot transfer the license of a font to another person. I will send you a document with how to use your logo files as well as the links to go purchase the license for your business. Don’t worry, though – it’s a tax deductible expense!

  • How can I use the brand kit?

    These brand kits should be used for your own business’s branding only. These are not for resale or to be used in any other way.