Web Design Trends for 2021

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Every single year there are different trends that happen with web design (& anything creative, really). These are the things that I think will be popular or trendy this year with web design & development.

Retro Fonts

Many websites are ditching using plain sans-serif fonts for headings and decorative elements within a website for more decorative serif fonts. Old things are becoming cool again (hello butterfly clips), so you’ll definitely start seeing more retro fonts.


Using animations isn’t anything new in the web design and development world, but I think this year you’ll be seeing more animated illustrations rather than large and beautiful photography.

3D Imagery

Along with moving toward more illustration-based imagery, a lot of websites are bringing back some 3D effect with those illustrations. It gives off some more depth and visual interest than a flat design.


Textures, more specifically, grain on backgrounds or large images are becoming increasingly more popular in the web design world.

Muted Colors

Just like my website, lots of websites are going with more muted colors, rather than very vibrant colors. Muted colors bring a more calming affect rather than being super attention-grabbing, but it’s still very aesthetically-pleasing to the eye.